Rachel is a frequent webinar guest for Network for Good, John Haydon, NP Hub, Bloomerang, and more. 

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Thursday August 10th 12 pm CST hosted by Bloomerang "How to Think Like a Donor in One Hour"  

Just a few of Rachel’s most popular webinar topics include:

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How would your favorite brands steward your donors?

Donors have come to expect a level of personal connection with every interaction they have with your organization.  How can you meet their needs? 


  • How to delight your donors with simple, meaningful and memorable customer service
  • The gap between what you want to say to donors vs. what they want to hear  
  • Secrets you can steal from your favorite brands to build donor loyalty


7 Ways to Upgrade Donors

Discover seven donor-centered strategies guaranteed to boost your fundraising, including:

  • Strategies to advance the donor relationship
  • Why surveying your donors early matters
  • How offering donors choice increases their giving
  • The #1 driver of donor loyalty

Turn Year-End Donors into Year-Round Supporters  


  •  The #1 way to ensure donors make a repeat gift
  • Thank-yous they'll never forget
  • How to prioritize your portfolio to upgrade year-end donors into a major gift pipeline

Ask, Don’t Guess: Donor Surveys in Action

Can donor surveys actually retain and upgrade your donors? Discover…

  • Eye candy examples you‘ll want to steal from winning online surveys and learn what to ask.
  • How to determine your best major gift prospects through pre-call letters, calls, and visits.
  • 5 things to ask in a donor survey (and what not to ask).

Engage Your Board in Fundraising 

Do you have board members who are allergic to fundraising? Are your board meetings perfunctory and dry, or worse, draining? Were clear expectations of board service not properly set with your board members? Discover the top five tips and tools to motivate and inspire your board!   

Find High Capacity Donors Hiding in Plain Sight 

Think you’ve got donors in your file with the capacity to do more who aren’t? Most orgs do!  Discover…

  • The low hanging fruit of basic prospecting
  • How digital tools like video can dramatically enhance prospecting.
  • The myth of the giving pyramid and critical insights into midlevel donors.