Download handouts from Rachel's presentations!

Boys and Girls Clubs Midwest Conference Keynote “From a Maxed-out Credit Card to Oprah - The Power of Story

Boys and Girls Clubs Midwest Conference “Epic Fundraising Examples

QGiv Fundraising Lab Chicago “Steal Smart: What Fundraisers Can Learn from Corporate Brands to Dramatically Boost Donor Loyalty”

Hill Country Summit: Why Fundraising is the F word to Your Board and How to Fix It

Boys and Girls Club Southwest Regional Conference “Secrets of Storytelling

Bridge Conference “The Golden Trio: How to Create a Culture of Philanthropy with Programs, Development & Leadership”

USOC “Fundraising & Finance: Better Together” and “Small shops, Big Gifts”

QGiv “How to Win Your Donors Hearts, Minds & Wallets

AFP Permian Basin “What the Best Fundraisers Do Differently”

BGCA “Moonshots”

TEFN “Secrets of Storytelling

Cause Camp “I Wish I’d Thought of That!

Habitat for Humanity International Pre Conference “Unleashing the Joy of Giving”

All About Girls Summit “How Donors Think

Evolve Women’s Conference “Getting On Stage Naked: Secrets of Great Presenters”

Boys and Girls Clubs Southeast Leadership Conference “Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

Network for Good “I Wish I’d Thought of That” Webinar with Rachel Clemens

AFP East Texas Luncheon “I Wish I’d Thought of That

Boys & Girls Clubs webinar “How to Use Donor Surveys to Boost Revenue

AFP Central Texas Luncheon “Win Your Donors Hearts, Minds & Wallets” and afternoon workshops “What the Best Fundraisers Do Differently” and “Makeover My Board

YMCA TriState Conference “Makeover My Branch Board” and “How to Rock Donor Love and Loyalty with Secrets from Your Favorite Brands

Webinar: Upgrade Donors & Boost Revenue with Donor Surveys slides

Webinar: “Your biggest board dilemmas solved” recording, slides, sample board nomination form, sample board job description, sample fundraising menu, Rachel’s board ebook and special bonus: 52 Ways to Motivate and Reward Your Board members handout.

JDRF Board Retreat

AFP DC “Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

Qgiv event "How to Win Your Donors' Hearts, Minds and Wallets" 

Bridge conference "Mining for Gold" slides, handout: 52 ways to motivate and reward board members, ebook on boards.

Boys and Girls Clubs Bridge pre-conference "Crafting a Culture of Philanthropy to Ensure Quality Program and Donor Experiences

PSI Conference "Retaining Donors" and "Upgrading Donors Strategically"

AFP East Texas "The Art of an Unforgettable Ask

Boy Scouts of America "Think Like a Donor"

YMCA Rochester sessions "Get Your Board on Board" "The Joy of Giving" and "Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

Free webinar "How to Win Your Donors' Hearts, Minds & Wallets" and "Major Gifts Made Easy"

YMCA NAYDO "Recruit & Onboard Your Board", "Does Saying Thanks Really Matter?" and "Get the Visit, Nail The Ask" with Jay Love

TEFN "Crafting High Impact Stories for Donors" and "Makeover My Board"

Elite 15 Training "The Art of Cultivating Relationships"

CASE IV Keynote "The Future of Fundraising

AFP Illinois Workshop "The Joy of Giving"